Friday, July 8, 2011

Smoking in the Boys Room

Mikä päivää tänään on? I am sitting at the computers with Bo and Liis, a girl from Estonia, and I keep asking Liis over and over Mikä päivää tänään on? which means, what day is it? When she starts to respond I cut her off and say Mikä päivää tänään on? This has generally been how things with Finnish have gone since I've been there.

The first day of class was a joke. We spent at least 2 hours learning everyone's name. It is my opinion that if you are teacher and something is taking too long you need to take evasive action to make it shorter. Or you lose your students. Say OK we'll finish this tomorrow. And then don't finish. It doesn't matter. Do whatever you have to do. Just don't spend 2 hours in the sweltering (see: pleasant) Finnish heat trying to learn everyone's name.

But now class started at 13:15 and it is 13:17. I am two minutes late. I can hear the teacher talking in Finnish but I won't need to pay attention because she'll just repeat in English immediately after. Another gripe I have. I need to be like the German guy who wears black boots and just does whatever he wants. Durning the naming exercise earlier he just stepped outside the circle and started smoking a cigarette. Ahh, zee Germans.

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