Friday, June 10, 2011

The Megabus to DC

A final respite from the heat. Today we will go to DC, where actually the temperature is not much lower -- today the high is 89. But yesterday as we were coming back from Spanish Harlem a thunderstorm came and instantly cooled the city down 20 degrees. Lee and I decided to make a run for it while the girls decided to try and take a cab. We ran for about 10 blocks in the pouring rain and at one point I took my shirt off -- ostensibly to not have the cotton clinging to my skin -- but also because my dream that day had been to go to the beach and go swimming, and now in a way I was getting my wish.

I finally got to test out out the "underwater" capabilities of my camera! Another thing I planned to do at the beach but something that was easily testable with the pouring rain. I took videos of Lee and I walking/running that will most likely prove to be horribly boring/unwatchable, but was still excited that my camera was able to function in a downpour and record nature's unmitigated fury. The only problem with taking pictures when it's wet is that the camera thinks that every rain drop touching the screen is a finger, which with a touch screen is a problem. The camera freaks out a little bit.

I didn't do much last night. I went to my friend Dan's dorm at NYU where he made French toast. Whether or not Dan admits it, he is 98% obsessed with French toast. Yesterday his eyes gleamed with excitement as he made French toast from scratch (though I don't know if there's any other way to make it) using cinnamon bread and -- get this -- "maple" syrup from scratch. Apparently this is how his family did it growing up. You boil a little water, throw in some sugar, throw in some "Maple-ine" imitation maple flavoring, and suddenly you've got something that tastes just as good as Aunt Jemima but without the high-fructose corn syrup. Maybe Dan is way ahead of his time. He is certainly a man of discerning tastes, especially proved by the handfuls of Cinnamom Toast Crunch he shoveled into his gaping maw afterterward, which everyone knows are basically just little bite sized shrunken French toasts.

Today is thankfully my last day at Duke's Cafe using their disgusting computers to use the internet. Like I said (or possibly didn't) we're getting on a bus in about an hour to go to DC. I am not particularly excited about this as last time I was in DC my only memories are what felt like miles and miles of Dr. Zhivago-like marching through several feet of snow to see monuments whose significance as a 17 year old I didn't really appreciate and a Smithsonian Museum that may or may not have been closed, but I am prepared to be more open minded this time around about our nation's capital.

For now it's time to get out of Duke's. I swear it's 15 degrees warmer out here than outside and my fingers feel like they're covered in food despite the fact that I haven't been eating.


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