Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer on Mount Smile

Today I walked way too far. My back has been ailing me lately. I should probably take it easy. Instead I walked at least 7 miles.

I might be exaggerating but when Jean-Claude was taking me to the trail head we were driving for at least 10 minutes. Quickly. When we were getting to the trailhead he said, Ive only seen two bears since Ive been living here. Plus, theyre just black bears. This was very comforting.

I walked to the "top" of Mont Sourire or Mount Smile in English. It took about 10 minutes and the whole time I was singing a Brandenburg concierto and saying "Salut les ours" just to make sure any bears heard me as I wandered into their territory. At the top I took a few pictures, talked a little more to myself, and began the trip back down.

To begin the real trip.

I walked for so long. The whole time a horsefly was making a home in my hair, or laying eggs, or vomiting, or just resting, or whatever it is horseflies do when they land on you. I couldnt get rid of it no matter how hard I tried, thus proving that man has not conquered nature. We can build dams and put out forest fires but if a fly wants to land on you repeatedly for several hours as your skin begins to boil in the hot Quebecois sun, there is basically nothing you can do. You are at its mercy.

Finally after I thought my back might fold in half I finally saw the bridge that signalled the entry into town, albeit with at least another mile of walking. Back at my hotel room I stretched and got ready to go jump in the lake when I noticed it was already 430 and the internet cafe closes at 500. So here I am. I just witnessed a conversation between the lady here who barely speaks English and two older men who barely speak French. There were complicated words like router and satellite used and I`m pretty sure no one understood anyone. Such can be the joys of communication.

Now it`s off to eat some pizza, lots and lots of pizza, and then finally jump in the lake. I love being on vacation.


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