Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Hemingway Quote and Two Beekeeping Photos From Yesterday

"Two hours later Dr. Valentini came into the room. He was in a great hurry and the points of his mustache stood straight up. He was a major, his face was tanned and he laughed all the time.

'How did you do it, this rotten thing?' he asked. 'Let me see the plates. Yes. Yes. That’s it. You look healthy as a goat.'" -- A Farewell to Arms

 Ari inspects the bees while I look on.  "I think we'll be back at 4pm, so pack a lunch," he said yesterday.  We got back at 8:30pm. 
The last site of the day.  Molly, from New York, looks on as Ari operates.  I got shocked by the sheep fence in the left side of the photo.  Beautiful birch also on the left.  We ate fresh honey from these hives.  It was nauseatingly good and also just nauseating.

Now Im going to walk into town!  A beautiful reprieve!  6km or so!  And tonight an overnight trip with Ari that i am a little bit apprehensive about but im sure will be great!


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  1. Reminds me of the scene from E.T. where all the government guys come in Hazmat suits. But I like this more.