Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keep the Bees, Hold them in Your Heart

The final installment of photos from my time on the honey farm in Central Finland.  Unfortunately I have no pictures of bees.  And only one picture of honey.  And almost no pictures of people.  This is why I don't take pictures.  

 Sunset from my cottage at the lake.
An evening row.  
 Probably shouldn't have clicked "X-tra large" on this photo.
 Chair to place towel on  for late night sauna sessions.  If you're swimming with clothes on it's not a real sauna.
 One morning when Madars was hungover I put a bear fence with car-battery attached to it around his front door.
 He LOOKS hungover.
 Irina and Marja.  Great cooks.  Leftover meals from the party.  We ate them for five meals straight.  By the end of the only thing I could stand were the meatballs.
 Ari:  beekeeper extraordinaire and one of my many nemeses.
 The road from my cabin up to the house.

 The honey on the left is the one we sacrificed our skin to produce.
 Korpilahti:  called "The Manhattan of Central Finland" by absolutely no one
 Annie, the Vietnamese WWOOFer, folding the boxes that were responsible for what might be mild carpel tunnel in my right wrist.
 Marja cooking with reindeeer.
Jake, the bearded hipster who claimed to be from New York but was actually from Iowa.  I would claim Iowa over New York in the beat of a heart.  

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