Monday, June 4, 2012

Routine is Hyvää (Usually)

 I have sort of developed a routine which is pretty comforting.  Every day I wake up around 930 and walk to the house where I have granola topped with some kind of sour berry picked directly from the forest and fresh organic honey.  Then I feed the chickens.  This part I love.  I talk to them, and have been amazed by how much the chicks have grown since ive been here, about doubling in size.  If the black hen has layed eggs I snatch them from her and if not I give her a mean look that tries to convey that Im disappointed with production levels.  I have never been very impressed by the rooster.  Whenever I try to pet him he always cowers behind the hens.  What kind of man is that?

After this I usually embark on the morning task, which could be anything from going out with Ari in the Sprinter to do work at the bee hives or helping Marja to clean up the kitchen.  Today was a little bit strange because after helping Ari with the bees in the morning (see: standing, watching him) I spent the rest of the morning building a an electrified bear fence around Madders front door so that it would be the first thing he saw when he woke up from his hangover and stepped out the front door.  I didnt actually make it live but I did make it look like it was hooked up to a battery and even put the "high voltage" sign on it for good measure.  Either way I got some good pictures.  Then, this afternoon, Madders and I drove around looking for queens.  We had to search for the colonies to find the queens and then when we found them we'd put them in a new, unpopulated colony so that the former colony would start making more queens.  What I mostly did though was sit around and let the bees try to sting me, though a lot of my fear has left me.  I got stung today once through the suit but since the bee couldnt fully get its stinger in me it didnt really hurt.  It felt more like getting bit by an ant.

My time here is rapidly drawing to a close.  I have about a week left and then Ill probably make my way to Stockholm to get a flight home.  I have a very good feeling about the pacific northwest this summer.  I put my time in this winter so I plan to take advantage of the summer: cruising around Capitol Hill (the Hill!) on a penny board, slacklining at Cal Anderson, doing more yardwork, and generally trying to be the biggest hipster possible.

But things are also looking up here.  Im going to take a sauna tonight and supremely hope the american couple joins me.  And then maybe Ill go fishing again.  Or just lie in bed and read "A Farewell to Arms".  The blue, blue Finnish sky is the limit. 

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