Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Horrible, Horrible Blog Entry from a Beautiful, Beautiful Place

A minimum of 300 words.  In 10 minutes.  Or more if you want to take it.  I have started to force myself to write things becuase if I don’t force myself I won’t write about it.  I wanted so badly to write about my time on the sheep farm.  Matt was an interesting character.  He played World of Warcraft almost all the time when he wasn’t working and his feet were in a state of decay where if you were to slice a half inch layer off the bottom of his heels he would notice nothing except that maybe it would’ve been a little harder for him to reach the tea on the top shelf.  It was a disgusting, horrible, time and I’ve glad for every minute I spent there.  I need those horrible experiences to make me appreciate the good ones.  I need to work hard to fully savor the afternoon sloth of lying around on the couch watching the Euro Cup. 

Mariehamn, with about 10,000 people, is the capitol of the Åland region.  It reminds me of a cross between bainbridge island and ohio.  The library is wonderful – huge and open and well lit – and provides internet access free of charge to the public.  The breakfast at the hotel this morning was also wonderful: granola, yohgurt, fruit, cheese and bread, and an assortment of teas.  I chose the ”Kenya Estate Black Tea”.  If it is still there when I go back I will have another glass. 

I was supposed to go to Sweden today but there are no hostels open.  Or rather, there is one hostel open but it has very bad reviews (one critique seems to be that there are no sinks for brushing your teeth and you that have to use the toilet, but i think maybe I misunderstood).  The more I think about it, why would I leave this tranquil island paradise and go to a big city?  Because it’s Saturday?  Because I want to go to a ”nite” club and get my drink on?  This is not the case.  I want to lounge around and walk around and not have to be social.  I don’t want to have to worry about a drunk, cologne-doused french boy coming into the dorm room at 4am in the morning to wake everyone up and start snoring in french.  I know I sound old when I say this.  This is because I am old.  I am almost 29. 

So I think I will stay here another night.  And revel in the island life and maybe, maybe even buy a skateboard so i can enjoy the local skatepark.  This would be slightly stupid as skateboards are much cheaper and better back in the states, but I will investigate. 

I think my time here at the Åland library has expired.  Just in case you were wondering, the ”a” with the little dot over it is pronounced ”oh”, the same way we say ”o” in english in the ABC’s.  So now you knå!

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